Version History


This library was hacked together / extracted from other repositories such as the es-flow library due to the need for a plotting library enabling me to deliver results over the web.

As more stars are being added on GitHub (14 at the time of writing, woot woot!) it’s now worth properly versioning and maintaining the effort, since it seems like it’s useful to more people than just me.


The library uses semver versioning, like version x.y.z.

Theoretically, only x increments should break backward compatibility. But, it’s still early days as noted in issue 10 and I don’t want to end up on version 200.4.5 in the next five minutes…

Let’s be pragmatic: whilst still on version 0.0.z please consider the API as unstable version-to-version (z increments). This is because I (or we - please help!) will be still architecting the library sensibly.

When I break it, I’ll at least tell you what’s breaking! Check back here as you update.

For versions >= 0.x.y expect y increments not to break, breaking changes might occur on x increments.

For versions >= x.y.z where x >= 1 expect x increments to break backward compatibility.


Initial version applied to the library

New Features

  1. Documentation in RestructuredText and hooked for public viewing on readthedocs.
  2. Pre-commit hooks added to ensure docs always build (whatever commit you’re at) and to apply consistent file formats.
  3. Implemented semver versioning system which will be done with GitHub releases.

Backward Incompatible API Changes

  1. n/a (Initial release)

Bug Fixes & Minor Changes

  1. n/a (Initial Release)